Working With Us

The First Step is to contact us so we might discuss your project. Once we have obtained the information we need to get started, we will generate an estimate for you to see if it falls within your budget. For your convenience, you can send us this information from the comfort of your own home via E-mail, Fax or Standard Mail. Our estimates are free and based upon the information you provide. (Visit our “Contact” page for more)

The Second Step – Should you decide the estimate falls within your planned budget; we will then move forward and arrange a Design Consultation to meet with you in your home. During this meeting, we will inspect the project area, taking exact measurements and offering further recommendations. We will discuss which cabinetry options may be best suited to your situation and use this information to formalize a Design Proposal. For larger projects, an initial design fee is required at this time – Naturally this fee is applied towards the purchase of the cabinetry or otherwise retained by Cedar Forest Cabinetry & Millwork, LLC for our time.

Design-Proposal. Unlike a traditional ‘Bid’ – Our Design Proposals include much more than you might expect:  We use state of the art 3D rendering software from Cabinet Vision that enables us to make changes easily as we work through your project step by step than if they were drawn by hand.  The Design Proposal includes all the details of your project such as full color renderings so you can have a ‘Virtual Photo’ of what your project will look like when completed; elevation and plan views for measure and perspective; scope of materials, details and work to be performed to produce your project; projected time-lines of how long the project will take to fabricate, finish and deliver as well as our terms and conditions with a payment schedule.  What’s more (and again unlike a Bid) this is by no means the end where you need to make your final decision.  Often this is where our clients will make additional changes to their projects upon ‘seeing’ how their project will look.   At Cedar Forest Cabinetry, we feel this is ‘your’ project and want to do all we can to make sure you are happy with even the smallest of details.  You will not feel pressured to move forward because we don’t proceed until you say so!

Design Approval. Once we have received the signed Design Agreement along with the first installment – your project will placed on the shop schedule and material orders will begin. A tentative delivery/ installation date will be given at this time. Most of our projects average 6 – 8 weeks and our installations generally take anywhere from 2-5 days depending on size, complexity and the detail included in your project. Since most (if not all) of the finishing is completed prior to installation, interruption to your life is minimal.

Final Step. Sit back, relax and enjoy your completed project! With a little care and maintenance, your cabinets will last a lifetime!

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