Design Development: Our experienced in house design team can help you tailor all of your wants and needs into your dream project.  To better assist you, the more information you can provide our team regarding finishes and detail – the better we are able to help you with your design.   Visit our Working With Us page to learn more.

Project Management: Often our larger projects can be a bit more than a home or business owner can handle on their own. In such cases, we can manage the day to day operations, scheduling and workflow to keep things moving so that projects meet their delivery goals and stay on budget. Visit our Working With Us page to learn more.

Fabrication: Nearly all fabrication of our custom counter tops, cabinets, tables and select furniture is performed here in our Warrenton facility.  However, from time to time we may outsource a particular part or process to a handful of local artisans we often work with to provide you with a feature we do not have equipment for at our location.  This most often involves carvings or inlays & finishes when applicable.

Custom Trim & Millwork: Much of our larger and ornate trim work comes from a local moulder that we work closely with and mills the materials to our specifications.   The remaining (often smaller) trim work is made here at our Warrenton Facility.

Custom Finishing: From simple paint and stain finishes, to lavishly ornate multi-coat process’; we can provide a truly amazing spectrum of furniture-quality factory finishes for generations of use.   Our experienced finishers even finish for other cabinet shops when a particular finish is needed.

Delivery and Installation: For our residential clients; we can provide delivery and installation as an option if they do not already have a builder or remodeler to install their project.   For our commercial clients we can also deliver or install  or  as is most often the case, their own installers can pick up the cabinetry from our facility.

Environmental Stewardship: We are one of the areas leading ‘Green Service Providers’.  We have been providing environmentally safe cabinets and materials since 2000 – long before *GREEN* was a household term.   All of our cabinets include naturally kiln dried hardwood fronts, doors and frames from local mills.   Our carcass’ (boxes) are made from either non toxic, low or no VOC, formaldehyde free plywoods;  melamines and MDF’s from environmentally conscious American manufacturers.    We recycle 100% of our off-cut waste and cardboard which is then either reused to heat our facility in the winter months or delivered to a local recycling facility for processing.

* And Coming soon!*

Plans are already underway for our new,  larger facility which will include environmentally sound features.  Such features as the harnessing of both Wind and Solar power to run our lights and equipment –  to a Geothermal HVAC system to keep our shop comfortable year round!   Our goal is to be the first 100% energy independent facility in the Country.   We want to prove it CAN be done – Privately and Economically.

(and let’s face it – one less utility bill wouldn’t hurt either!)