Below are some questions we most often ask our clients prior to starting their estimate.  Answers to these will be very helpful in generating as accurate a range and timeline as possible for your project:


– How did you hear about us?

– How soon are you looking to complete your project and how flexible is this timeline?

– Do you have an alternative email and/or phone number in case we need to reach you?

– Where are you located?

– Are their basic (rough) measurements and pictures of your room space you can send?

– Do you have any photos, plans or sketches of the design you have in mind you can share with us? (fax, email, snail-mail)

– Are you interested in a particular specie, finish or grade of cabinetry?

– Are there any examples (features)  from our Online Showcase or maybe another website you would like to discuss?

– Have you had the opportunity to look elsewhere for cabinets and/or help with your projects design? 

– Have you determined a budget or range for your project yet?  (So we know what to stay under or within)



When you are ready to take your ideas to the next step, here are several ways you can get reach with us:


Phone:  703-753-0644

Fax:  866-655-2621


Mailing Address: (Main Office) 4224 Ringwood Rd.  Nokesville, VA.  20181


Our Office hours:
Mon. – Fri. –
0800 – 1700
Saturday – 
Sunday –